“I am rediscovering the joy of laughter that keeps me in touch with others.”¬†– Answers in the Heart, May 3rd   It seems that laughter is the theme for this morning… as I switched to my browser to read something about pain, this is what I opened up: The Power of Laughter ¬†from the Make […]

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Connection & Addiction

You’ve probably seen this before, but it’s still worth watching… I know right now I’m really struggling with finding connection. I don’t want to go out, I don’t want to engage, I want to isolate. I find comfort in isolation, it feels safe, yet the loneliness brings me pain and spurs the addiction. It’s another […]

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I’m constantly hungry. I wonder if that’s me trying to mediate with food? Watching Brene Brown’s first TED Talk…  I should see if she has anything for sex addicts on her website, not that the whole shame and vulnerability thing isn’t dead on for addiction. Components of Wholeheartedness: Courage Compassion Connection Vulnerability How do I […]

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