How did I do today?

Let’s recap my goals for today: Do a yoga video. – Yes Call Coach. – Yes Meet Friend. – Yes, really glad I did Possible Interview. – No, but that wasn’t in my control Work on Health Insurance Claims. – No Work on Disclosure and First Step. No Meeting with group at Church tonight. – […]

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End of the Day

So I didn’t leave the house today… but that was ok, I’m in a strangely ok mood. I did some reading today, nothing meaningful, but caught up on some things that I wanted to. I also caught up on a bunch of TV. Knocked out the last two episodes of Black Sails, such a good […]

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I’m so scared…

I’m so scared of losing MyWife. I know she doesn’t really believe that, but it’s true. I’m terrified of it. As she was talking this evening about her therapy sessions, both yesterday and today, she mentioned grieving. She needs to grieve. I fear it’s grieving me and our relationship and moving away from me. (Here […]

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