First Draft of My Disclosure

So maybe not actually the first draft, but a draft.  They say you can’t heal without doing a disclosure, nor will your marriage ever heal.  I hope they are right, but I don’t see how my marriage will ever heal after she hears all this.  There’s just so much, it’s such an insane amount and […]

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Is this withdrawal?

I can’t seem to get up and do anything. I’m really struggling today. I just keep thinking everything over in my head but not actually doing anything. I’m craving masturbation. I want to act out. I’ve been doing a bit of edging which isn’t too healthy. I have lots to do, but I don’t want […]

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Lonely Saturday

Where does motivation go? Why is conflict and confrontation difficult? Why do I avoid? I’m feeling a bit lonely and sluggish this morning. Could have been I stayed up too late watching the hockey last night. Also could have been that one of my dogs was very annoying and antsy very, very early this morning. […]

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Big Day Today

I am learning to be patient and to persevere in a world that was not constructed just for me and my pleasures. – Answers in the Heart, May 5th Father, thank You for Your plans for us, and for the future that awaits us in Your love. – Our Daily Bread, May 5th Heavenly Father, […]

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How did I do today?

Let’s recap my goals for today: Do a yoga video. – Yes Call Coach. – Yes Meet Friend. – Yes, really glad I did Possible Interview. – No, but that wasn’t in my control Work on Health Insurance Claims. – No Work on Disclosure and First Step. No Meeting with group at Church tonight. – […]

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