How did I do today?

Let’s recap my goals for today:

  • Do a yoga video. – Yes
  • Call Coach. – Yes
  • Meet Friend. – Yes, really glad I did
  • Possible Interview. – No, but that wasn’t in my control
  • Work on Health Insurance Claims. – No
  • Work on Disclosure and First Step. No
  • Meeting with group at Church tonight. – No, but not it my control either
  • Be more productive!! – Not really

So was that a win or a loss? I’m going to give it a tie.

Let’s talk first about lunch with Friend. That was really good. To tell someone outside my support group and not receive the the negativity and judgment that I was expecting, that was really good. To get support and just to share and own and not feel the intense shame that I was worried about. That was really something. I’m grateful for that. Thank you God.

It felt good to connect to someone!

Friend also had a lot of really good things to share about faith and surrender that I hope I did/can absorb and apply.

It wasn’t until after 2:00 that I got back home, but that was ok. I was drained though and had a nap for about an hour from 3 until 4.

I spent most of the evening watching TV, I’ve probably spent 3 or 4 hours this evening watching TV. I’m not entirely upset about that, but a little disappointed in myself and perhaps it’s a little avoidance. We are almost broke. The bank account is draining so fast. I’ve got to look into that tomorrow. I should have done it tonight, but it’s difficult. I should also be working on my disclosure, but I haven’t. I’m avoiding those things. I think I’m a little bit more equipped today and will be tomorrow to get to work on it (the disclosure and the finances).

Anyways, I’m going to try and get some sleep tonight and get up earlier tomorrow and be very productive. I hope it goes well.


  • For a really good lunch with Dan.
  • For some rain today and a cooler day.
  • To have had a nap this afternoon and watched some TV.

Goals for tomorrow:

  • Spending over the last 2 months
  • Insurance Claims
  • Disclosure
  • Gym Workout
  • Therapy & SAA Meeting

#Thankful #Gratitudes #Goals

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